Vision Statement of Churches of Christ in Queensland

Churches of Christ are a community of Christians who have an uncluttered Biblical faith. Out of love for God and for our concern for others, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we bring people into a vital life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Confident that God gives us hope for the future, we have chosen to serve Him wholeheartedly. We invite others to share our unconditional commitment to achieve this vision.

Church of Christ: Brisbane North

As part of the universal Body of Christ we envision ourselves as a Christian congregation where seekers can come to know the Creator in a loving way, accepting and forgiving environment. Together we will celebrate our salvation and the good news of Jesus Christ in a diversity of ways which reflect the richness of experience of our congregation. We will strive to that good news of salvation with the wider community in meaningful and relevant ways. We will be motivated by a desire to imitate the life of Jesus Christ, accountable to God, to each other as well as ourselves.

Our Purpose Statement


To gather in the presence of Christ,

To grow in the ways of Christ,

To go in the name of Christ,

To guide others into a relationship with Christ.

Our Vision Statement


We aim to be loving, caring people,

Who honour and obey God,

Who share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others,

Who serve others and

Who encourage each other to grow to full potential.

Our Values Statement


We seek to accomplish this:

†  By intentionally sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the aim of bringing people into a vital life changing relationship with our Lord & Saviour.

†  By fostering relevant creative worship that is acceptable to God

and stimulating to people

†  By discovering and developing individual and collective gifts

†  By having effective and relevant teaching, visitation, and programs which encourage and nurture people’s relationship with God, self and others.

†  By being in touch with the personal needs within our community, with a view to filling them; by making available our spiritual, personal and material resources

Key Functional Verses

Matthew 25:31-36Matthew 28:18-20Romans 12:1-21Ephesians 4:11-16

Our Values

What do we value? People! We value each person and their story. We value each other; our community, our faith, our story our future. We value God and God’s story. We value our humanity and the gift to become partakers of God’s life (2 Peter 1:4).

We value a cuppa and conversation, accountability, caring, work, service and prayer, spiritual formation and fun

What are our values? We seek to hold precious the values of Jesus, ie: love, joy and peace, righteousness and compassion, justice and mercy, graciousness and generosity, tenderness and strength, truth and patience.

We value the lure and work of the Holy Spirit.

Our life as a member community of the Churches of Christ in Queensland and our support of Churches of Christ Care in Qld. We value our history in Brisbane North in the Church of Christ Albion, Stafford, and Kedron which became the Brisbane North church of Christ.